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Disney have released the first FULL trailer for their upcoming Big Hero 6! bit.ly/1AbFzlC
5:06 PM - 24 Jul by @BrownBagFilms
Check out Storyboard Revisionist Danny Shiels' character design #sketch for the web series The Bloody Mary Show: bit.ly/1nwhP6a
3:59 PM - 24 Jul by @BrownBagFilms
@toedoherty Thanks for your question Tony! We passed it onto our tech guru John Kennon, who replied on our #AMA page: bit.ly/1mHMp8j
2:56 PM - 24 Jul by @BrownBagFilms

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Shane Woods, our Smoke operator here at Brown Bag, is currently travelling in Japan and has been blogging about his experiences. He’ll be visiting Studio Ghibli soon and will be reporting back to make us all jealous! Last week Shane visited the International Manga Museum in Kyoto….

The International Manga Museum in Kyoto is a must see, even for non manga finatics. The building is a...

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To mark this week’s release of Toy Story in 3D, Empire Magazine‘s website features a great summary of the story of Pixar’s ‘Toy Story’.


It covers the genesis of the film from the first computer graphic produced in 1972, through the founding of Pixar and the production of the first ever feature-length CGI movie.

Research for the article came from To Infinity & Beyond! The Pixar...

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Noddy's Stage Show

01/10/09 by Jennie Stacey

Posted in News

Noddy stage show

Noddy and friends are now touring the UK in a live stage show, featuring all the characters from Chorion’s Noddy in Toyland series, produced by Brown Bag Films.

To coincide with Noddy’s 60th birthday, the all-singing, all-dancing show features Noddy, Tessie Bear, Mr Plod, the goblins and of course Big Ears as they prepare for Noddy & Tessie’s party.

Noddy stage show_BigEars
Noddy stage show_Goblins

The show is touring all over...

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News just in from the Cartoon Forum in Stavanger, Norway: Brown Bag Films has won the Producer Of The Year award as part of the EU CARTOON TRIBUTE 2009!

We’re delighted with this prestigious award, which comes a day after the hugely successful presentation of our series ‘Granny O’Grimm’ at the Forum yesterday. The presentation was attended by 240 people, the largest audience at the...

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Brown Bag Films are to produce The Octonauts, a new  52 x 11min series  for Chorion, the rights-holders of Olivia and Noddy In Toyland. Octonauts The new preschool series has already been acquired by CBeebies.

 The series, comprising 50 x 11-episodes and a 22-minute special, follows a team of heroes who dive into action whenever there is trouble under the sea. In a fleet of aquatic vehicles,...

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Irelands bitterest Granny unveils her own website this week as Brown Bag Films launch their latest creation; www.grannyogrimm.com.

Based on Nicky Phelan’s IFTA-winning short film ‘Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty’, the website accompanies the forthcoming 26 x 11 minute animated comedy series that will be launched at the Cartoon Forum in Norway on the 22nd of September and at...

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Granny O’Grimm is a cover star this month, featuring on the cover of September’s issue of Kidscreen Magazine.


This month’s Kidscreen focuses on the upcoming animation series being presented at the Cartoon Forum from Sept 21st-25th, and Granny O’Grimm is featured as one to watch.




Granny will be making her online debut on Monday on her very own website. Stay tuned for details...

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....with David McCamley.

Brown Bag Films_David McCamley_noddy

8.45: Checked my emails

8.47: Washed my hand as the threat of Swine flu is getting worse.

9.00 Wrote music note for an episode that our composer Dean Valentine is getting ready to start. They are just general notes of things we need to flag or parts of the episode that we will need to push the score to help move the story along.Brown Bag Films_David McCamley_Seamus O'Toole

10.00 Started a Noddy offline...

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Brown Bag's blog

28/07/09 by Jennie Stacey

Posted in News

Since the launch of Brown Bag’s blog a few months ago our team of animators, directors and producers have been posting about all aspects of animation. We’ve been really stoked to receive kudos and referrals from loads of cool animation blogs, design showcases and inspiration sites, including an appearance in Smashing Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful Blogs!

Here are some of the great design...

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