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@Brandonbot We're VERY much looking forward to having you in the studio! *excited* :)
3:47 PM - 25 Jul by @BrownBagFilms

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We finally have our first model ready for texturing. These are the 2D designs that we signed off on:

Brown Bag Films_ character designs

Then Siobhan finished up the greyscale model based on these designs:




Then we thought about the textures for the characters. I liked the idea that the character should have distinctly ‘Irish’ skin so Colm volunteered to be model for the day. Here’s a few shots that we used as reference:


Then Stephen O’Connor unwrapped the face model:


...and started to texture up the skin:


It looks pretty freaky when you see it like this!

 Stephen only used this photographic material as reference and painted over the textures creating totally original textures. Of course we also realised that a student in Trinity college around the turn of the century would probably be more clean shaven so we had to paint out Colm’s whiskers but left in a bit of grey shadow.


Here’s where we are at the moment:


The hair & eyebrows are just placeholder models for the moment as we are going to work on actual hair simulations at a later date, but this is what the general shape should look like. There’s still a long way to go as we have to add displacement, create shaders & then of course the final lighting is going to tweak the look further. But for work in progress, we’re pretty happy with where it is going!


Whenever I look at Colm now I’ll just think of The Elephant Man! But at least it was for a good cause, the new model looks great!

12 October 2010 by Jennie

Hi Stephen,

Nice Job done there.Colm can use this model in the Virtual world.His new AVATAR.

12 October 2010 by Anukul

Great work guys! Just a preference, but the eye sockets are a little forward facing for my liking. It looks like they could curve back a little more exposing more eyeball at the sides. He looks like the moon from the side with that chin! :)

12 October 2010 by Ken Heslip

Thanks for the comments guys. I hear you Ken & it’s a good idea. Unfortunately with the nature of short films I can’t go back into modelling at this stage as we have to reach a point where it’s time to move on ! we’ll take it on board for next time ;) Agree with you on the Moon look but I think it suits the stylised look of the character?

12 October 2010 by Darragh O'Connell

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