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When you’re setting a film in a specific time & place it’s important to do as much research as you can. While the internet proves a valuable source of reference, nothing quite takes the place of going out into the field!

So with kind permission from the good people of Renaissance Antiques on Capel Street in Dublin, Stephen O’Connor set off armed with a camera to snap away at anything interesting that caught his eye. Here are just some of the snaps which he came back with:














And here are some of the details & models that benefitted from this research:

click on images to enlarge:















Hi, i wanted to comment about this work long time ago, but i didnt have the time for it.
I think you guys do a great work, and this project is wonderful, i would like to know what kind of software do you use for model the props like zbrush or so.
Thank you and congrats

1 February 2011 by Sebastian

Thanks Sebastian, we used 3D studio Max for modelling & then used Zbrush to achieve some of the detailing… no secrets there!

2 February 2011 by doc

Hey Sebastian

Just to let you know about the zbrush to Max workflow: For the zbrush pattern on the Corbel we created the pattern as Geometry, we then made a dept map of the geometry which gave us an alpha map of the pattern.  We then brought the alpha bach into zbrush and painted onto the corbel.  Once we were happy we exported a normal map and applied it to the base geometry of the corbel.

Hope thats not too tech;)

8 February 2011 by Eoin

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