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Just realised I hadn’t posted any production blogs on ‘23 Degrees…’ in a while, but it’s coming along and we are aiming for an April finish.

Here are a few presentation pieces that we had to prepare recently. I thought they looked so nice, sure I’d fire them up here for anyone to have a look at!

(click to enlarge the images)



Lecture hall

Lecture hall_01

Lecture hall pipeline

Character shading Facioal rigging


Textures by Stephen O’Connor, Shaders by Ezequiel Mastrasso, Lighting by Saidou Bernabe. All based on colour keys from Stephen Robinson. Character rigs created by Fabio Bonvicini. We can honestly say this is turning into an international production!


Nice!! The lecture hall is looking great, and college green is coming along nicely, will look savage when its populated. Very interesting to see it as it was.

Also, surprised to see Maya there, thought you guys used 3ds Max! In fairness, Maya is nicer to animate with!

7 February 2011 by Ciaran

Us modellers are finding it hard to give up 3d max, but it all gets ported to maya in the end :P I’m loving how the lighting is working out, it really is bringing the sets to life.  Study was looking really atmospheric last time I saw too :)

7 February 2011 by Siobhan

Thanks for that Ciaran. Dying to see College green populated myself!!! Still a bit of a way to go on those scenes.

We’ve actually crossed over to Maya in most areas now, although we still do a lot of modelling in Max. We try to use our short films as ways of tackling technical problems and we are using this film as a way of setting up our Maya pipeline. In the future, we have big plans to get our first feature film int production so this film is meant to iron out some of the challenges along the way.

7 February 2011 by doc

Wow, stunning Doc! Cant wait to see the finished product!!

9 February 2011 by aaron Healy

It looks amazing!!

10 February 2011 by Tess

Thanks all, Its coming together but it’s the most challenging project we’ve taken on so far so it’s going to be a push right to the finish!

11 February 2011 by doc

Hey guys, great to see the Lecture Hall coming along… nice texture and lighting work Ste and Eze…
but is that sRGB output I see in Nuke? tut, tut… you still have a lot to learn ;)

22 February 2011 by barry lawless

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