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@YvSweeney @TheArkDublin Your welcome! We love seeing the creativity of aspiring young animators :)
3:21 PM - 29 Jul by @BrownBagFilms

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We have been animating away on ‘23 Degrees 5 Minutes’, so I thought it would be nice to share some of the work as it is coming together.

All of the work below is still work in progress, but if I had to wait for shots to finish before showing anything you would be waiting a long time…

Here’s a movie showing how we progress from storyboard to rough animation to final animation. The music is composed by Darren Hendley as scratch tracks which we were using to time out the animatic. I’ve left it on here to give you an idea of what some of the final music might sound like. Storyboard panels were done by Tim Spillane with animation by Geraint Wright.

Storyboard to Animation:

After the animation is signed off, we had John Paul Giancarlo figuring out how to do the FX for the shot. JP figured out some cool systems for leaving trails in the snow. We started out with simple tests & then Dave O’Brien used the technique to apply it to the signed-off animation. As you will see from some of the tests below you can get some strange things happening with rigs (check out the strangely mutated arm on our character…) & we were also using an earlier version of the model for some of the tests. It is not advisable to go trekking through the arctic snow in a suit with cravat.  

JP has also been develeoping some particle systems for different kinds of snow - snow falling, snow swirling around on the ground, snow being blown off our character as he struggles through the blizzard, etc. Dave O’Brien then took on the animation of the FX & started working into the various layers of animation which will eventually be comped together. As you will see, some of the tests are more successful than others. I’ve also included a test comp from JP which shows our character falling into the snow, it’s not finished and there are a number of the FX layers missing but you can see that it’s getting there!

Let us know what you think.


Excellent work! Coming along nicely. He’d blend in nicely with the penguins in the suit! :)

11 December 2010 by Ken Heslip

Just as well I recorded a decent collection of snow sounds from the last 2 weeks..

13 December 2010 by Dominic

Nice one Ken, thanks for keeping an eye on it!

Looking forward to hearing what you come up with in the sound Dominic.

14 December 2010 by Doc

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