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The @IrishFilmBoard have announced this year's Frameworks projects: bit.ly/1oeml5e We're looking forward to seeing them next year!
6:07 PM - 31 Jul by @BrownBagFilms
Check out the inspiring work of Concept Artist Ryan Church: bit.ly/1n73E3c His immersive worlds are captivating! #DailyInspiration
4:51 PM - 31 Jul by @BrownBagFilms

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Stephen Robinson, Art Director on 23 Degrees 5 Minutes, worked on the colour script for the film. This basically gives a breakdown of how colour will work in the film and helps us to plan how to tell the story emotionally. It’s a huge help to the lighters & texture artists.

I can’t show it all here as it will give away too much of the story, but I think Stephen has done a great job. Hope you like it!



Awesome Job Stephen.


26 October 2010 by Anukul

Thanks Anukul!

26 October 2010 by Stephen Robinson

Seeing these magnificent images and realising they are the fruits of my words is a deeply moving experience for which I shall be forever grateful.
Thank you

27 October 2010 by Austin Kenny

Great work!

2 November 2010 by NIGEL

Hi Austin, thank you for the great story which inspired this film. Glad you’re enjoying the process & thanks for your patience… I know its taking a long time!
Lets hope you’re as happy with this finished film, when we get there! ;)

4 November 2010 by doc

Thanks Nigel, glad you’re liking it!

4 November 2010 by doc


16 November 2010 by david

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