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Have you (and your Bingsters) played 'Paint with Bing' yet? We'd love to see your creations! bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/bing/…
9:30 AM - 28 Jul by @BingBunnyTV

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The time has finally arrived when we get to share The Octonauts with the wider world! Our latest TV series launches on BBC’s CBeebies and BBC HD channels from next Monday, 4th October.

  The Octonauts

Kwaazi, Barnacles & Peso!

The Octonauts invites children to take the plunge and go on an exciting voyage of discovery through the world’s oceans this autumn. Splashing onto CBeebies from Monday 4...

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The brilliant website Letters Of Note, which unearths fascinating correspondence and posts a new letter each day, posted this letter from Pixar animator Aaron Hartline to an aspiring animator Willie Downs. I thought it was such a great letter of encouragement for anyone working to achieve their dream of being an animator

According to Letters Of Note, “Downs – a huge fan of Pixar from...

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Last week I headed to Sopron, Hungary for Cartoon Forum, the biggest annual gathering of the European animation community. Each year the Forum is held in a different European town, and about 1,000 animation industry people descended on Sopron to pitch 60 new projects to broadcasters, distributors and co-producers.

  Cartoon Forum 2

Sopron, Hungary

The Forum kicked off with a huge barbeque by a lake...

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A press release from the BBC has just announced that it will begin airing the Octonauts on the 4th of October!

  Kwazzi, Barnacles & Peso

Kwazzi, Barnacles & Peso

We’re also delighted that it will be airing on the free to air BBC HD channel so the full richness of the show will be available for anyone who has access to BBC HD ( & a HD TV of course…)

There’s also an interview with exec producer from Chorion,...

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Finally viewers in Ireland will have a chance to see OLIVIA... & brush up on their Irish language at the same time!

OLIVIA is now showing on TG4 at 8:50am weekday mornings so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Here’s the blurb from TG4’s website:

Ár gclár nua “OLIVIA”
Tá Olivia cosúil le cailín óg ar bith; níl uaithi ach a bheith foirfe agus cáiliúil ag gach aon rud a mbaineann sí...

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In the old school yard game ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ everyone knows that Paper always beats Rock.

Unfortunately for Boulder Media, nobody told them this before they challenged us to a game of football!

Brown Bag Films faced Boulder Media at UCD on Friday night in a terrific game of football.

The scene was set. The rain subsided; the crowd’s anticipation rose and the tensions...

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“Football isn’t a matter of life or death, it’s much more important than that.” — Bill Shankly 

The most hotly anticipated match in the history of football* is happening tonight in UCD  @ 8pm

Brown Bag Films vs Boulder Media!

Recently Boulder Media sent us a message, throwing down the gauntlet, challenging us to a game of football.

We gracefully accepted and the anticipation has...

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