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Nate: when I grow up maybe some babies be in my tummy like that daddy seahorse. (Things kids learn from @Octonauts @BrownBagFilms)
8:27 AM - 30 Jul by @Daresie

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Last month, Pixar founder and president Ed Catmull did an interview with Martin Giles of The Economist. The interview gives some great insight into Pixar’s style of management and creative process and is well worth watching.

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I recently did an interview with Spoiler Alert Radio on all things Brown Bag - from how & when we set up, right up to the work we are doing now.

Its a pretty long interview, and if I had known I would have grabbed a chair as I was standing up so long I started to get out of breath!

There are some other good interviews on the site, including this one with Herve de Crecy, one of the...

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Last Saturday, the Lord Mayor, Councilor Emer Costello invited Brown Bag Films to the Mansion House for a reception in our honour. This was a moment we were deeply proud of and almost 70 Brown Baggers enjoyed the evening at the Lord Mayor’s historic residence on Dawson Street.

  Nicky,Cathal, Major Emer Costello,Joe Costello,Doc_02

Nicky,Cathal and Doc with Lord Mayor Emer Costello and Joe Costello

Accompanying the Lord Mayor was her...

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Each year Brown Bag Films judges the animation category for  the Fresh Film Festival. The festival showcases the work of Irish filmmakers under the age of 18, and arranges a programme of youth film events throughout the year.

This year the festival took place from the 22nd - 25th March, and the Brown Bag Animation Award was awarded to Alfie Hollingsworth & Dylan Bickerton (aged 14), for...

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Last week we had a new visitor to Brown Bag, as Granny O’Grimm made herself at home in the studio - all 30 cm of her!

  Granny O'Grimm figure 2

Granny O'Grimm figurine created by Grazyna Chyla-Kaczmarek

Created by artist Grazyna Chyla-Kaczmarek, Granny was brought to life as a 30cm figurine, seated on her favourite chair reading ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Granny O'Grimm figure 5

Granny O'Grimm figure 3

Grazyna created Granny’s body and hair from air dough,...

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